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With over 20-years experience in Asia & Australasian markets, and established in 2002 in Sri Lanka we have pioneered many activities in adventure tourism, events and trainings. We are well traveled & experienced in the services offered.

Today, our brand of youth & corporate training programs plus adventure excursions focus on the development of i that will complement a profound we. They can address any people development issue while excelling at inspiring & motivating people, creating harmony and swiftly solving conflicts. Designed and delivered by leveraging on nearly 30 years of both indoor and outdoor training experience, these programs have made a significant contribution to, a growing list, of over 60 companies and some 5000 graduates in Sri Lanka & India in the past five years.

Our adventure activities are operated for tourists from across the globe & the local community with the same equipment, safety and standards demanded abroad, offered unilaterally. Enjoy surfing our site and explore the options for you, your friends, your schools, your workmates. There is something for all

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Sri Lanka / India / Nepal

An Inward Bound camp saw Laurence, Ruwangi & Sashi and their friends take to the outdoors have fun playing games, pitch a tent, cross a huge rock, learn to climb and came face to face with a leach! and had lots to tell Mum. Our youth n Schools programs are designed to cater for different age groups. Three Levels offer the appropriate development and integrated advancement between the levels earning merit badges in carefully structured mental, emotional and physical challenges that build confidence, self awareness, basic teamwork and lots more.

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Junior Adventurer
Advanced Adventurer
Master Adventurer

- ages: 08-10
- ages: 11-14
- ages: 14-17

  Leadership in Schools - LiS  

We are all born to be leaders. Through our Leadership in Schools program we will explore
youth leadership and challenge young people to reflex on responsibility. This will be the early years sowing the seeds to Grow Leaders.

The program focuses on taking charge and provides future leaders with an insights into leadership and teamwork. During this process young leaders gain a deeper understanding of leadership skills.

"One other things stirs me when i look back ay my youthful days, the fact that so many people gave me something or were something to me without knowing it" Albert Schweitzer

Sri Lanka / India / Nepal / Maldives
  exseed in the outdoor  

Education holds the power to transform and we recognise that each person has an inherent genius often dogged by their past environment. eXseed in the outdoors is three staged interventions that explore key elements of developing ones brilliance in a team environment.

naction • perform • nvision

  Insight indoor  

Insight indoor personal / professional development programs (PdP) focus on what you ‘can-be’ as we coach you through the fears and stumbling blocks to achieve your unleashed insights. Designed for individuals and corporate groups that allows the i to blossom. That is the challenge we have taken upon ourselves.

  Indulge - outings & socials  

Indulge adds some flair to those workplace outings and makes them more value than just visiting another hotel by the beach. Fully managed, including all the logistics, makes it possible for everyone to be involved, let your hair down, or what’s left of it, unwind and have some quality time with your people/staff/friends. What’s more we add value to the occasion by reinforcing corporate values, messages and themes in a relaxed if not vibrant environment that is easily appreciated by all and delivers some of your training objectives in parallel… mutual respect, getting to know others, caring, shared visions. We’ve got an outing just waiting for you.

n Life Sri Lanka / India / Nepal
  Adventure Excursions  

in Life offers excursions or a life style that will thrill & appeal. Best experienced with a group of friends we can take you on a journey that seeks to help make awakeful the lives of all those that take it, keep a balanced co-existence with the workplace, manage that stress, or just feel you’ve lived on-the-edge once in a while.

The Elements:

Fire Walking
Biking Treks
Rock Climbing
Water Sports
<Multi Adventure Excursions (A combination of any or a-few of these activities)>
  Imagine Events  

It’s our creative urge to design & deliver fun & well run events which has lead to the creation of many of our events blinking across the screens of National Geographical A1 Channel, Ten Sports, Trans World International (TWI), Sirasa, MTV, In-flight screens and up to 80 world-wide networks. Events for conferences, sponsors, TV & radio promotions, product launches, International sporting events, sales awards and staff incentives… anytime is the right time to celebrate an occasion with an imaginative event.

  • Urban Challenge
  • Galle Amazing Race
  • C3 – Colombo City Challenge
  • Mobile Climbing Wall
  Our Facilities  

o Hanwella Adventure Base
o Adventure Zone
o Castlereagh Activity Centre
o South India Campus – Yercaud
o Nepal – Tibet Frontier
o Nepal – The Retreat - Pokhara

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