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“Did the Wright Brothers get it wrong? Balloon is the way to fly”
Sir Arthur C. Clarke

Enjoy the High-Life; view Sri Lanka's Capital and exotic centre of the south from the warm blue skies above. A unique and original life time experience, many describe as surreal, peaceful, quiet, whilst others are lost for words! Commencing from the historic & rich cultural centre of Galle, Adventure Asia Int. offer both daily scheduled and exclusive charter flights for that special occasion, for up to 16 people.

View wildlife, rugged mountains, ancient temples, an expansive coastline, distant mountains up-country, lotus ponds, life and the people from aloft amongst the astonishing beauty of rural Sri Lanka from the peaceful solitude of your hot air balloon.

Flights commence several kilometers inland and rise to approx. 2,000ft to 3000ft offering a breath taking panorama to the horizon across the Galle District at a safe distance from the coastline.

Experience the magical waking moments of the day with a sunrise flight while gently floating with the wind over Sri Lanka's fascinating cultural heritage. A champagne and tropical fruit breakfast is bursting to greet you on landing. After the flight our van will return you to your hotel or starting point.

Note: Flights are also available over the classic beauty of Kandalama/ Dambulla – Sigiriya for groups of 10 or more. Bookings required in advance.

Ballooning Locations:

- Colombo

- Cultural Triangle (Kandalama, Dambulla, Sigiriya)

- South Coast - Galle Region


Hot Air Ballooning

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Ballooning & History:

1783 - FRANCE: The first public demonstration of a lighter-than-air machine took place on June 4, 1783, in Annonay, France, by Joseph and Jacques Montgolfier. Etienne Montgolfier carried out the first experiment at Avignon, France, in September 1782, proving their theory. They had rediscovered the theory of buoyancy, which the Greek mathematician and philosopher Archimedes had discovered in the 2nd Century B.C.E. They finally built a large cloth and paper balloon 10 meters in diameter and tested it on June 4, 1783, in the marketplace at Annonay. The balloon, from then on called a Montgolfiere rose about 2,000 meters (6,562 feet) into the air.

1783 – GALLE: It is the capital of the Southern Province, 72 miles (115km) south of Colombo. Galle, (famous for its Old Dutch Fort) which saw Persians and Arabs, Chinese and Malays, South Indians, Portuguese and Dutch, English and even Romans, visit Galle in the dim past. In 1344, Ibn Batuta found a Moorish vessel in the harbour.

The Portuguese came 1505 and in 1640 Galle was taken by the Dutch. Whilst in France hot air ballooning was about to be born, January 8, 1782 Galle was captured by the British, only to be recaptured by the French on August 29 of the same year. In 1783 France ceded it to Britain and then by Britain to Holland. However, in 1795 the British recaptured and held it till Sri Lanka's independence in 1948.

2007 – The 1st Hot Air Balloon Flights in Galle (thanks to the inventive French) will take place thanks to an Australian adventurer and with a lot more finesse than the 1780's. We hope to see you on board!



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