Hot Air Ballooning: 2003 to 2010
Coming of Age in Sri Lanka

When Sir Arthur C. Clarke took his celebrated flight with Adventure Asia, in his typical cutting wit he stated “Did the Wright brothers get it wrong! Ballooning is the way to fly!” A well traveled man (even beyond our earthly realms some may say) and in his 80’s he seemed to capture the essence and delights of ballooning that so many tourists and locals have come to experience in Sri Lanka since our beginnings. Ballooning enjoys a history of more than 230 years of aviation whilst fixed wing flight is just more than 100years.

Since we pioneered commercial flights in Sri Lanka in 2003 the joys of ballooning have now been experienced by 1000’s of Sri Lankans and many more tourists. The Cultural Triangle from Kandalama  saw balloons in the skies for the first time and after several years we launched the 1st flight in Galle. In fact some 3000 guests have taken to the skies with Adventure Asia and it could well be said that commercial balloon flights have now certainly come of age, even the more conservative adventurers want to experience this skyward journey.

No other excursion can match the bird’s eye view, beauty and splendors of the Sri Lankan landscape as a balloon flight. Now into its 8th year of operation Adventure Asia, has been offering commercial passenger flights for up to 16 guests and in 2010 will have multiple balloons in the skies for its 1-hour “safari from the sky” flights. Sunrise flights take guests on a course determined by the winds of the day whilst being returned to your hotel by van after the flight.

Celebrities also love to fly and many have become a frequent sight on board mixing with tourists and locals amidst the blue skies and historic backdrops of Sigiriya Rock, temples, mountains, lotus ponds and local village life. Guests have included: Sheiks, Princesses, Ambassadors, Movie Stars, Ladies and Knights, Sports stars and youngstars.  Our Pilots that have flown more than 37 destinations worldwide vote The Cultural Triangle as in the “Top 5” ballooning destinations in the world for “unique ballooning beauty” and our pilots that have sailed the skies of the world.

Since the mid 1850’s in France balloon flights have spread around the world becoming one of the key tourist attractions in most countries today. In Australia alone more than 3.5 million guests take to the sky for an adventure, viewing their capital cities from the air.

Officially classed as the “Safest Form of Aviation in the World”, Adventure Asia employs world class pilots and follow strict international standards, administered by Sri Lankan Civil Aviation Authority. As a result Adventure Asia delivers memorable journeys to those eager to see wildlife, temples, monuments and lush wilderness from above, floating across the landscape. 

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